In a previous life before children, I was a hard-working account executive for a very high-end catering company. I absolutely loved my job. I had close work friends, I was able to express my creativity, and I loved being a part of big milestones such as weddings, corporate office openings, presidential inaugural celebrations, etc.

My life in catering was thrilling, but also stressful. I worked full days and then headed onsite to events in the evenings. I also worked most weekends and holidays. When my son was born I just knew that working in this field was not going to lend to being the type of mother that I wanted to be. I decided to hang up my catering hat one month before my son was born.

The transition to stay at home mom’s life was a tricky one. My income was substantial and we had to figure out how to live on my husband’s salary with a new baby on The way. I also had to figure out what my identity as if it wasn’t the successful career woman that I had been for almost a decade. Once my son arrived I poured myself into being the best parent I could possibly be. We attended library storytimes, baby music and gym classes and developed a really great schedule and routine. I was thriving and so was my little baby boy.

I lived that happy stay at home mom life for about five years, and through the birth of my second child, before really starting to get an itch for more. I still loved being home with my children, but I wanted something I could be proud of besides the bento box lunches that I’d do proudly pack for trips to the playground.

Getting my certification to become a sleep consultant was such a blessing for my family. It allowed me to have an income again, while still being present for my children. It also gave me something to be really proud of. I call my business “my third baby.” Working from home with young children can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything. My children and my husband are all so incredibly proud of what I have created. I think what I love more than anything else, is that I’m now giving other women the opportunity to have what I have. Through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management, I’m able to educate and mentor other women to start their own businesses just like my own. I can’t think of anything better!