Advance Your Postpartum Career

Become a Certified Sleep Consultant

The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management’s (CPSM) Sleep Consultant Certification Course offers postpartum professionals like you a robust sleep consulting curriculum, an exclusive and supportive online community, and the opportunity to grow your business.

The course will arm you with everything you need to know about what sleep consultants do, how they do it, and how sleep consulting can perfectly complement your existing business.

What Sleep Consultants Do

The work of a sleep consultant is very similar to that of a doula. Sleep consultants, just like doulas, provide their clients with a high level of information and support.

Sleep consultants support parents through the process of establishing healthy and independent sleep habits for their children. At CPSM, we teach a client-led approach, meaning that we encourage our graduates to support families using methods or techniques that align with their clients’ parenting styles and that feel safe and comfortable for them.

Sleep Consultants Assess the Situation

Most sleep consultations begin with an assessment of a family’s current sleep situation. Families that are experiencing sleep challenges are often sleep-deprived, frustrated, and overwhelmed. In addition, they likely are apprehensive about the process of establishing more independent sleep habits for their child. A good sleep consultant will weigh all relevant factors and devise a personalized plan that suits their clients’ specific needs.

Sleep Consultants Make A Plan

Once the circumstances are understood, the sleep consultant will create a written sleep plan for the family based on a variety of factors, including the child’s age and the family’s parenting style. The sleep consultant offers detailed guidance on, among other things:


A safe sleep environment


An age-appropriate daytime schedule


A recommended bedtime routine


Communication strategies for older children


Options for sleep training techniques

Sleep Consultants Provide Support

In addition to all of the information that a sleep consultant provides, there is also a high level of support offered over the duration of the consultation. Parents will report what went well and what did not, and the consultant can encourage progress as well as make suggestions based on client feedback. Sleep consultants may provide this ongoing support via telephone, email, and/or text message.

As a trained postpartum professional who is accustomed to supporting families during emotional and challenging times, employing this sleep consulting process should be a natural fit. And because sleep consulting can be offered virtually, this service could be added to your repertoire without adding a lot of hours to your already busy and unpredictable schedule.

Sleep Consultant Services and Rates

Sleep consulting allows you to inform, educate, and support families in a variety of ways. Our graduates offer a variety of services to their clients and communities, including:

Paid “Ask Me Anything” calls
Remote, extended consultations
In-home support
Virtual or in-person workshops and presentations
Digital resources, such as ebooks and mini courses

Sleep consulting is an in-demand service, and the monthly income potential for sleep consultants is promising. Working full-time, potential monthly income could range from approximately $6,000 to $15,000. Those that do this work part-time tend to yield monthly incomes between approximately $1,000 to $5,000. Income depends on a number of factors, and these ranges are offered for general informational purposes only.

Helping families to establish healthy sleep hygiene for their children is an important and rewarding service to offer. Given your current role, you are uniquely positioned to offer sleep support and can incorporate this offering into your existing business. Adding sleep consulting to your business as a postpartum professional would allow you to:

Extend your working relationship with your existing clients
Support clients virtually
Work with families that live outside of your own geographic region
Scale your income even if you are fully booked with hourly contracts

Becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant

Our CPSM Success Method is designed to set our students up for success as both a sleep consultant and a small business owner. This three-pronged approach allows you to:


CPSM provides a full-bodied curriculum that teaches multiple sleep training techniques. This will position you to master your craft, quickly build your expertise, and stand out in the crowd. You will graduate the program as a confident expert in the field, best positioned to support your clients as they achieve their desired results.


CPSM teaches a client-led approach that includes best practices for setting expectations and communicating with families. When you meet families with an acceptance mindset, there is a greater level of trust, which ultimately leads to long-term solutions. When your clients achieve success, they are more inclined to share your name with others.


CPSM offers the business-building tools needed to launch, grow, and eventually scale your sleep consulting business. Our curriculum includes training on sales, marketing, and business strategy. With ongoing mentorship and support via our social networking community, you will feel empowered to strengthen your entrepreneurial skills and achieve your personal goals.

The Virtual Model

The CPSM Sleep Consultant Certification Course specifically teaches how to deliver sleep support virtually. Discovery and consulting calls are conducted via phone or video call, sleep plans and other documents are shared electronically, and ongoing support is offered with email, text, or other messaging applications. Working with families virtually means you can help more families and make a bigger impact. Plus, it allows you the flexibility to be at home more and to have additional control over your schedule.

The Sleep Training Methods

Unlike some sleep consultant certification programs, which only offer a single approach, CPSM covers the entire spectrum of sleep training techniques – from the most gradual and gentle methods through the extinction method.

The major sleep training techniques included in the program are:

Pick Up/Put Down
Check and Console
The Chair Method
Silent Return
The Kissing Game

A Lifetime of Sleep Consulting

Once you complete the Sleep Consultant Certification Course and earn your certification, you are a certified member of Center for Pediatric Sleep Management for life! There are no ongoing recertifications and no annual fees required to maintain your certification with CPSM.

At the same time, to offer the best sleep consulting program available, we routinely update and add new content to the course to keep up with both sleep consulting and entrepreneurial topics. We offer these as an ongoing commitment to your professional development and encourage our graduates to take advantage of these opportunities to learn and improve their sleep support and business skills. CPSM notifies all of its students and graduates each time the course is updated, so you will never miss out on new content and additional learning opportunities.

Finally, your enrollment in the course includes a lifetime membership to our exclusive online community for students and graduates. Within that community, you will find additional support directly from CPSM (e.g., live video sessions), as well as an active community of members who support and encourage one another. You will always have this engaged community to offer encouragement and guidance at every step of your journey as a sleep consultant.

Hear From a CPSM Sleep Consultant Certification Course Graduate:

“I have been helping friends and family for over 40 years with their kiddos and sleep. My background is Medical Administration and Consulting as well as a Medical Spa owner. I hit a wall professionally and knew that I needed to follow my heart and passion. I found Jayne’s course through online research. I spoke with one other sleep program and researched 3 other programs ad nauseum. CPSM resonated with me on many levels, not the least of which is the fact that Jayne teaches multiple methods and offers information on how to launch your business. I didn’t find that in every business model that I researched. I booked a call with Jayne to learn more about her program and was immediately impressed with her genuine love of business and sleep coaching. She is knowledgeable and forthcoming with all information available to her in both arenas. I registered that day and finished the course in a few very focused weeks. I have since launched my small business with great success. It works great in my life as it offers flexibility and I am truly in control of my schedule and my income. The community page for graduates is full of support and inspiration. Jayne continues to add relevant, valuable information to the course at no additional charge to us. I now have the tools to support families and offer hope that sleeping doesn’t have to be stressful and contentious. I highly recommend Jayne and CPSM.”

Kerri N.

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Adding a sleep consultant certification to your credentials truly is the perfect complement to your existing postpartum business. It will allow you to grow your business and extend your relationships with families, while also providing those families with much-needed sleep support from someone they know and trust.