Become a Certified Sleep Consultant

For any new parent, sleep – both their child’s and their own – is a precious commodity. Given the constant changes in infant and toddler sleep patterns, parents can quickly find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed.

Professional sleep consultants bring much-needed rest and relief to these families by leveraging their expertise in sleep science and proven strategies for sleep-training infants and toddlers. Ultimately, it’s a service that makes a tremendous difference in both parents’ and childrens’ quality of life, and it provides a unique career opportunity for those who are passionate about the importance of sleep for healthy, happy families.

The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management

Founded by Jayne Havens, a respected leader in the sleep consulting field, the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management (CPSM) promotes the benefits of independent sleep, and trains prospective sleep consultants to offer this highly-demanded service within their own communities. CPSM’s comprehensive sleep consulting course prepares you to support parents through the process of teaching their children to sleep independently. The course also provides step-by-step guidance regarding how to launch and grow your own sleep consulting business.

Through this self-paced course and the one-on-one mentorship provided by Jayne, you’ll learn how to:


Educate parents on how the science of human sleep relates to children


Explain to parents how infant-to-toddler development affects childrens’ sleep patterns at various ages and how stage development affects parents’ sleep training options


Expertly relay safe sleep guidelines as established by the American Academy of Pediatrics


Present and discuss a variety of sleep training options with parents and formulate age-appropriate sleep plans that complement various parenting styles


Help families to address specific challenges and circumstances that impact sleep training (e.g., adjusting to daylight saving time and how to sleep train twins)

Beyond mastering the skills needed to support parents through the sleep training process, the curriculum and coaching provided by Jayne will help you to:


Identify and execute the critical steps required to establish a professional business within the sleep consulting field


Share your sleep expertise with families in need of your services, and convert them to paying clients


Keep abreast of current best practices and offer the most up-to-date resources for families

Jayne’s commitment to your success continues long after you complete the course. Her ongoing support includes the following:


An official CPSM certification badge for your website and marketing materials, establishing your credibility as a true sleep professional


Extended mentorship from Jayne and continuing education opportunities


Future access to all course materials, as well as to an exclusive networking community for fellow sleep consultants

Your Investment

The cost of the course, including all materials, is $2,250. Payment plans are available.

Please schedule a complimentary call with Jayne if you are interested in learning more.

Learn More

Considering a career in sleep consulting? Jayne offers a free e-book filled with information on what sleep consultants do and how running a sleep consulting business might fit into your life.


“I was excited when I made the decision to move forward with my pediatric sleep certification and then overwhelmed with the different companies that offer the course. After touching base with Jayne I was instantly reassured that Center for Pediatric Sleep Management was the right choice. Jayne is an expert in her field and it shows in speaking with her and in her course content. Jayne is passionate about educating others, was accessible when I had questions, and followed up with me after completing the course to ensure I felt set up for success. If you are considering a career as a pediatric sleep consultant, I would highly recommend Center for Pediatric Sleep Management.”

Michelle Hansley

Get Started Now

At CPSM we leverage our proprietary CPSM Success Method to set you up for success as both a sleep consultant and a small business owner. Upon completion of our certification course, you will feel prepared to support families through the process of establishing healthy sleep habits for their children. Equally important, you will feel confident and empowered to launch, grow and even scale your own small business.