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Becoming a Sleep Consultant Podcast with Jayne Havens

On this podcast you'll hear about the business side of sleep consulting. This is not a podcast about sleep training. This is a podcast about business building and entrepreneurship.

Get an insider’s view on launching, growing, and scaling a sleep consulting business.

Featured Podcast Episode

Sleep Consulting as a Medical Professional with Aurielle Martin (Encore)

Aurielle Martin, DMSc, MSPAS, PA-C, is a physician assistant with a doctoral degree in medical science. She has been practicing evidence-based medicine for 6 years and wanted to find a way to support her pediatric patients and families with their sleep struggles in an evidence-based way. Aurielle found CPSM about a year and a half ago and quickly felt empowered by the course to start her own business as a sleep consultant. She believes independent sleep is a beautiful and powerful gift. It is her mission to equip parents with the tools to empower their children to sleep independently with trust-building and healthy boundaries. Along the way on this journey, Aurielle has been blessed with the opportunity to complete her own doctoral project on the evidence behind sleep training techniques as well as dive into and critique the peer reviewed literature we now discuss in the “Science of Sleep” section of the CPSM course!

On this episode of the Becoming a Sleep Consultant Podcast, Aurielle shares:
– Why she chose to get certified as a sleep consultant
– How she juggles working her day job, caring for her daughter and growing her business
– What she has planned for the future!

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