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Jayne Havens is a certified sleep consultant and the founder of Snooze Fest by Jayne Havens and Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. As a leader in the industry, Jayne advocates for healthy sleep hygiene for children of all ages. Jayne launched her comprehensive sleep consultant certification course so she could train and mentor others to work in this emerging industry.

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How Energy and Mindset Impact Our Businesses with Ryann Dowdy

How Energy and Mindset Impact Our Businesses with Ryann Dowdy


Ryann Dowdy is a sales expert, business strategist, connection marketing specialist, and the CEO and Founder of The Connection Agency. She believes that we are ONE relationship away from anything and everything we want in life. energy and mindset

The Connection Agency focuses on the power relationship building has on sales and marketing efforts. The agency is a perfect marriage of her two passions – a business that combines a powerful background in sales and marketing WITH her love of connection. energy and mindset
Since 2005, Ryann Dowdy has sat in front of hundreds of business owners to develop marketing plans and taught thousands of sales reps, business owners, and entrepreneurs how to sell by focusing on the power of relationships! She’s grown multiple 7-figure businesses of her own – and now she’s helping others do the same. energy and mindset energy and mindset

On this podcast, Ryann and I discussed how energy and mindset can impact your business. Ryann shares:

  • Her thoughts on how to shift energy when you are lacking experience and confidence
  • The idea that “you are where your attention is.” Sometimes a simple shift in attention can lead to a major shift in your actions, and therefore your results
  • How seeing other people crush it in business is proof that that same success is available for you!



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Intro: Welcome to Becoming a Sleep Consultant! I’m your host Jayne Havens, a certified sleep consultant and founder of both Snooze Fest by Jayne Havens and Center for Pediatric Sleep Management.

On this podcast, I’ll be discussing the business side of sleep consulting. You’ll have an insider’s view on launching, growing, and even scaling a sleep consulting business. This is not a podcast about sleep training. This is a podcast about business building and entrepreneurship.

Ryann Dowdy is a sales expert, business strategist, connection and marketing specialist, and the CEO and Founder of The Connection Agency. She believes that we are one relationship away from anything and everything we want in life.

The Connection Agency focuses on the power relationship building has on sales and marketing efforts. The agency is a perfect marriage of her two passions – a business that combines a powerful background in sales and marketing with her love of connection.

Since 2005, Ryann Dowdy has sat in front of hundreds of business owners to develop marketing plans and taught thousands of sales reps, business owners, and entrepreneurs how to sell by focusing on the power of relationships. She’s grown multiple 7-figure businesses of her own, and now she’s helping others do the same.

Jayne Havens: Ryann, welcome back to the Becoming a Sleep Consultant Podcast. I’m so excited to be chatting with you again.

Ryann Dowdy: Well, Jayne, I’m excited to be here. Thanks for asking.

Jayne Havens: So today, I think the plan is to talk about how your energy and your mindset can impact your business. This is deep. This is this is a lot right here. I think maybe what we should do is break them down one by one.

Can we talk about energy first? This is something that I’m seeing so much recently inside of my Center for Pediatric Sleep Management community where like the way and I guess energy and mindset are intertwined. So maybe I’ll turn it over to you and let you handle that. But how positive energy versus more sort of negative energy can really impact the trajectory of your business, can you speak to that?

Ryann Dowdy: Yeah, absolutely. So I’ll kind of pull apart energy and mindset for you first. When I first became an entrepreneur, one of the first things I realized is that becoming an entrepreneur is as much a personal development journey as it is a professional development journey. Right? We have to learn how to run businesses and all of that, which is what you do for your clients, which is amazing. But then, we have to become the person who can actually be a business owner. There’s an entire identity shift that happens for us.

The term that’s often used is mindset, right? The story we’re telling ourselves in our head. So to me, mindset is the thoughts, feelings, action, results. That’s the Brooke Castillo model that she teaches. Everybody teaches a different version, but that was kind of my entree. The way you think is the way you feel, is the way you act, which is the results that you get. That gets us to a certain point, but it becomes deeper than that. Because our energy precedes us. The best example I can think of, Jayne, to give for this is like, have you ever met somebody and just been instantly like, “OMG. That’s my person. Like, I love that person?”

Jayne Havens: Yes.

Ryann Dowdy: Right. And you’ve also met somebody and been like, “I don’t know what it is about that person. It’s just a no for me.”

Jayne Havens: Absolutely. Yes.

Ryann Dowdy: That’s their energy, right? That is their energy. That is the energy. We are all energy. We can get into the science of it. We can get into the esoteric side of it. But at the end of the day, we are all emitting some kind of energy into the world that people are responding to. And it is directly impacted by our thoughts, right?

So the model that I’m working with my clients on is the idea that our thoughts create our feelings, which is very similar. But then, that creates our vibration which creates our frequency. And that’s what people are picking up on. That’s why you like somebody instantly or dislike somebody instantly. That’s why that hit you get in your gut where like that’s not a good decision, that’s all energy.

And so to me, the mindset is the conversation you’re having in your head which is directly impacting the energy, which people are picking up on unconsciously. You can’t consciously explain why you just don’t like that person. You just don’t. There’s no words. You’re not like, they’re not a nice person and they’re not a good person. There’s just something about them that I don’t dig. And so to me, that’s energy. And so that’s kind of step one. Energy versus mindset and then how that impacts our business.

Which means if we are emitting an energy into the world when we’re marketing, when we’re selling our services, when we’re interacting with potential clients, when we’re interacting with our clients, even the fear of like I’m not able to get people great results, is an energy that people are picking up on. It is directly impacting our sales and our revenue. But it’s also impacting our client results, right?

I’ll give you a very personal example. I remember the beginning of my coaching business back in 2019, I just launched my first group coaching program. And I was terrified, Jayne, that people weren’t going to get results. That they were going to give me money, and I wasn’t going to be able to get them the results that they desired. And so that was an energy I put out in the world. And I promise you that that energy stunted my growth. Because there were people that were picking up on that.

They were like, “Oh, this girl is not 100% confident she can help me.” And again, it was not a conscious thing I was doing. It wasn’t a conscious thing that they were picking up on, but they were picking up on that lack of confidence in my energy. And that is what people are making buying decisions on.

Jayne Havens: And to relate that to our sleep consulting community, I think especially in the beginning of your career, just like you said, at the beginning of your career, when you land that first paying client and you’re like, “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get this person results. I’m going to do everything I possibly can, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get them results,” I agree with you. The energy that that person is putting out into the sphere, that is their client relationship is not the same as somebody who’s coming at it like, I got this. I can do this.

Ryann Dowdy: Yes, and that’s 100%. So we first have to have the belief in ourselves that we can sell our stuff, that people want to buy our stuff, and then we have to have the belief in ourselves to deliver. And if those two things are not in tune, to use an energetic word, that’s why we sometimes wind up with C+, B- results even though — I’m sure because of the people you attract, Jayne. You attract A players because you’re an A player. So the people who come into your world are people who want to do good work, who find it very important to do good work.

Like for me, integrity is a very high value. And I’m never okay with not a solid A work. But that is actually sometimes hurting us because we’re like, “Oh, my God. I got to give A+ work. I got to give it my all.” Sometimes we’re almost, you can use the word scrambling the signal when we’re like, “I know that I can help people. I know that Jayne has equipped me with the tools. I know that I have the resources. But OMG. What if I get that one case that’s really hard? Or what if I get that one family who doesn’t follow my instructions? How will I handle that?” Like I said, that is just a background running energy that is impacting our business.

Jayne Havens: So besides just gaining more experience, which I think is a big part in channeling that better energy, I think experience and time is a big piece of it. But for those who are just getting started and don’t have experience and time under their belt, how do you improve your energy when you’re lacking confidence? I know that’s a loaded question, but that’s what we’re talking about. Any thoughts?

Ryann Dowdy: It’s a great one. And I do believe that confidence comes from competence. Confidence is something we develop as we get good at something. But what I usually will recommend is look back in the past in your life of, like, where have you overcome difficult situations. Again, for me, I can go back in the past when I was dealing with clients and I’m afraid I wasn’t going to get them good results. I could go into my past and find 27 different examples, even in my corporate career, of where I know that I always get it done. I always get above and beyond.

Sometimes, pulling from past experience of, like, I know that I’m the type of person who serves people well, who cares about people and that sort of stuff. I think it’s starting to find what are other areas and examples of your life where you show up and do good work. So it’s like, I know that I’m the type of person that when I have the experience, I do good work.

Then second, I think sometimes, too, we have to — and this is a little maybe controversial. This is the hardest thing I had to learn when I became a coach and a consultant. It’s that I can only do my job. I can’t do the other person’s job.

In your community, your people can trust that Jayne has given you every tool you need. You have the tools. You cannot control whether or not that family uses the tools. You cannot control whether or not that family follows your advice. You cannot control those things. So for me, the easiest thing to do is just focus on what you can control and knowing that like, okay, I have the tools. I know how to help. I have resources because I’m part of this community. Therefore, this is going to be fine. Because I’m the type of person who always figures it out. Right?

Jayne Havens: Yeah, you beat me to it. I was sort of thinking that the other piece of the puzzle is really accepting the fact that you cannot take responsibility for somebody else’s part of the pie, right? You’re in charge of your job, and they are in charge of their job.

I see this both in my consulting business. When I’m coaching clients through sleep training, sometimes they follow my instructions. Sometimes the parents are team players. Sometimes they do a really great job working together and communicating with me and asking for feedback and coaching, and we get it done beautifully. Then sometimes parents are out of touch, not responding to text messages, yelling at each other, not team players. The results look very different. And I show up the same way for both families, right?

And so it’s not my responsibility to — I cannot do that side of the work for them. I see the same thing inside of Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. I teach all of my students the same thing. They all get the same curriculum. They all get the same coaching from me. They all get the same resources, the same support. Some of them take it and run, and some of them sit in the corner and hide. That is life. That is business. I still beat myself up over it. Do you?

Ryann Dowdy: Yeah.

Jayne Havens: Sometimes we forget that we cannot take ownership over our client’s success or failures. I can’t take credit for anything that my clients are doing. They did it. I gave them the tools. I gave them the resources, but they did all the hard work. Claps for them.

Ryann Dowdy: Yeah, I mean, I think that’s part of it too. It’s like we only can control what we control. And we can still be disappointed and frustrated and still strive for I want to get more people better results. But like you said, at some point in time, we’re handing off the baton. We’re handing them. In your case, you’re handing the baton to the family that you’re serving. And if they don’t take it and run their leg of the race, is it your fault that your team didn’t win? It’s tricky to attract reference, but I did apparently.

Jayne Havens: Yeah, that’s okay. That’s okay. When you’re in a slump, when your mindset is sort of in the gutter, I like your suggestion of thinking back to things that you’re good at in your life in other areas. I think that’s a really good one. Do you have any other suggestions for pulling yourself out of that mindset slump when you’re really struggling?

Ryann Dowdy: Yeah, I have a couple. I’ll give you some more tangible ones, and I’ll give you some more esoteric ones. For me, whenever I find my energy dipping, movement helps me the most. Go outside. Again, I don’t care where you are in the world. Unless it’s frigid, go outside. Put on a hat, gloves, and a scarf. Go outside if you need to. Go for a walk. Move your body.

They say that emotions are energy in motion. And so if you are sending in some dense energy, you’re feeling a little frustrated, you’re feeling a little like, “This isn’t working out, I’m struggling, I’m stuck,” anytime you’re feeling that, for me, movement is a big one. Move your body. Even if I bought one of those mini trampolines, not the ones for children but the ones for adults. Looks just like the ones for kids.

Jayne Havens: I have one of those too, and I don’t get on it. My daughter jumps on it. But I don’t use it.

Ryann Dowdy: It’s an easy one. When I only have a couple of minutes — mine’s down in my gym in the basement — jump on it for a couple. I’ll put on my favorite song and just move the energy through it.

Jayne Havens: Just for a few minutes. Yeah, I love that.

Ryann Dowdy: That’s like if I can’t go for a walk or whatever, or it’s really cold outside, or it’s raining, or whatever. To me, it was actually the suggestion of my mentor several years ago. Like whenever you find yourself in a lower energy, get on this thing and move. She was a real estate agent before she got into coaching and consulting. She’s like, no, we literally had one in the office. And anytime anybody was just feeling kind of mad, go jump. They call it the rebounder. Go jump on the rebounder. Just go move the energy. Put on some music. So that’s an actionable one.

Oftentimes, journaling it out will help. I’m not a huge, like, you have to journal person. I know there’s a lot of people that believe that to be true. But sometimes our frustration and overwhelm comes from just so many thoughts in our head at any given time. And so sometimes journaling those thoughts out will empty out the brain and calm down some of the overwhelm and frustration and all of those things. Then as a secondary part of that, as you can go through what you’ve written down about why you’re frustrated, why you’re overwhelmed, why it’s not working, why your energy’s low, whatever you’re dealing with, I’m like go through and read it and be like, are any of these things actually true?

Because so often, we’re almost always future casting failure and we’re frustrated over something that hasn’t happened yet. Right? Like I’m worried my business isn’t going to work out. But is your business not working out? Is that true? Somebody would be like, “Well, I’m not making as much money, so it is true.” But I’m like, but are you helping people? Are you taking an effort or making an effort? What we forget so often as business owners, such a small percentage of the population are actually really willing to take the risk of starting a business. And because you hang out in communities like Jayne’s, you’re like, what? Everybody’s a business owner? No, they’re not. We’re weirdos.

Jayne Havens: Totally.

Ryann Dowdy: Even step out and even entertain doing our own things. And so, again, oftentimes the fears we have are coming from those people that are not taking the risks that you’re having. So when I go through that list of all the drama in my brain, I find like 98% of it isn’t even true. They’re not true. They’re not helpful. They’re not rooted in fact in any way, shape, or form. Right? They are just fears that I have, and fears are very normal.

Our brain has a negativity bias. It’s just the way we’re wired as human beings. It’s used to keep us alive. We’re no longer being chased by tigers. But at one point in time, that negativity bias was there to keep us safe. So when we look through, when we journal out this is all the drama in my brain, most of that stuff’s not even true. It’s not true. It hasn’t happened yet. And you’re giving it all this way. Then from there, it’s really simple. Just move your attention. Move your attention.

My favorite thing that I learned from one of my mentors was like, you are where your attention is. So if your attention is on this isn’t working — I’m frustrated. This is never going to work for me. This works for Jayne, but it doesn’t work for me. It works for all those other people. Why am I not far enough long? Why is this family not getting results? I’m not good enough — if your attention is on that, all you’re going to do is magnify that. So shift your attention. It doesn’t even have to be shift your attention to ‘I’m amazing, and I’m incredible, da, da, da, da.” You can literally just shift your attention to, what’s in front of me right now?

When I really get in my head, I will look around the room and start naming objects. There’s a candle. There’s a microphone. There’s a selfie stick. Here’s my bottle of water. Just move your attention away from that really heavy energy. There’s my dog sleeping. There’s my space heater. Here’s my mouse. It feels kind of silly, but then it moves your attention away from how crappy you were feeling. Then your energy will kind of level that.

Jayne Havens: Yeah, well, I was just giving a talk to a fourth grade. Not the class, the whole grade. I went to my kid’s school and spoke to a bunch of fourth graders about entrepreneurship. I was explaining to them about Snooze Fest and about CPSM. A lot of the kids were asking me questions about themselves. Some of them don’t sleep through the night themselves. So they were like, “Our sound machine is okay. Is it okay to have the door cracked open?” All these cute little questions.

One of the kids asked me, like, “Well, what if you’re afraid of monsters?” And so I explained to him that monsters aren’t real. And what I do for my clients when their kids are afraid of monsters is, I just tell them — I like to call it changing the channel. So when you’re thinking about monsters in bed at night, instead of thinking of monsters, how about think about your teacher dressed as a puppy? Going down a rainbow slide into a bucket of whipped cream, or something totally, totally silly, and stupid and weird but it’s changing the channel in your brain so that you’re not afraid anymore. Now you’re chuckling about something weird.

I think that just like we, as sleep consultants, coach our clients with older children to change their thoughts and to change the channel. I think that we, as entrepreneurs, can do the same thing in our brains about our businesses. And if we’re having these negative thoughts, we can just think about different things instead. I love that. It’s so simple. I do that with my clients all the time, and I never really thought to apply that in my business. But that’s brilliant.

Ryann Dowdy: Yeah, I do it with my son. I taught him many years ago that all the power is in his brain. So anytime he comes to me and he’ll tell me something is hard or whatever, I’m always like, “Dude, where’s all your power?” He was like, it’s in my brain. I’m like, cool. Make a different choice.

Again, it’s not just make a different actionable choice. Choose a different thought. Because I used to think of things like habits and choices as things we did. You have the habit of being a person who goes to the gym. You make a different choice. You choose an apple over a banana or over a doughnut, right? But we can actually make different choices with our thoughts. I know that’s so silly, Jayne, but somebody said that to me somewhat recently. It’s like, oh, that’s just it. That thought is just habitual. I was like, oh, yeah. Because if you think all of the time that this is hard, or it’s complicated, or I can’t figure it out, or I’m not good enough, again, we have all these thoughts.

First of all, let go of judgment because there’s not a human out there who doesn’t have them. But that’s just a habit thought. That’s just your brain is like, oh, we’re idle. What do we do when we’re idle? We worry. It’s just habitually feeding you worry thoughts until you choose different ones. Just like you make a different choice between an apple and a doughnut, you make a different choice between worry and being optimistic. And again, it sounds so simple. But when your brain is moving 4 million miles an hour, that’s why things like journaling and moving your body. Because when you do those things, your brain has to slow down.

Jayne Havens: Yeah, I love it. I’ve never been one to journal. I’ve never been one to journal, but I understand the thought behind it. One thing that I do — and I’d love to get your feelings on this — when I’m in a slump and if I’m having a slow period in my business, or I just have like too much time and I’m getting in my own head, one thing that I like to do is I like to go listen to other people who inspire me.

The reason I think that this is interesting is like I might go listen to your podcast because your messaging really resonates with me. And if I’m sort of down in the dumps, then you might get my brain to a better place. But somebody who’s down in the dumps that maybe his brain works a little bit differently than mine might go listen to your podcast and then have more thoughts of like, well, it sounds like she’s doing great, and I’m not. I’m scrolling the drain.

But that’s not what happens for me. What happens for me is I am able to listen to people who are inspiring and be inspired. Then I go channel that energy and use it for good. But I think that that could go either way, right? Sometimes people start listening to other business people, other coaches, other consultants, and then they get sort of crazy in their own head. Like, why do they have all this figured out and I don’t? Do you have any thoughts on that?

Ryann Dowdy: Yeah, we’ve all heard the quote comparison is the thief of all joy. Right? It’s this idea that somebody has something different than us. Again, you have two choices. Again, you can choose to see it differently, or you cannot do that thing. So again, if you know listening to other people triggers you and makes you feel like garbage, you can simply stop doing that. Just don’t do it. If that doesn’t work for you, stop listening to podcasts. Stop listening to books. Stop.

There have been seasons in entrepreneurship where I had to turn it off. Because, again, it was not helping me. It was creating more chaos in my brain. So there have been seasons in entrepreneurship where I’ve gone months without reading a book or listening to a podcast, which we’re not supposed to do that. Right? But again, it was causing more harm than good.

Now what I choose to see when I see somebody who’s killing it and I feel like I’m not is — I forget who gave me this quote. I wish I could give them credit. But it was probably some random TikTok video I was watching in the middle of the night. But that’s a different story. It’s the idea that that’s for me. Anytime you see somebody crushing it, instead of that jealousy feeling of like, “How come she’s figured it out? I’m not good enough. She’s so great. She must have an advantage that I don’t have,” it’s like, no, that’s for me.

Just solely by the fact that Jayne exists, killing it in her sleep consulting business is proof that I can kill it in my sleep consulting business. And like I said, pick the one that works. If really, if you cannot make that mindset shift, stop doing it. But if you can make the mindset shift of no, I love watching Jayne kill it because it means I can kill it. I love hearing from the other women in our community who are also crushing it, because that is just proof. I choose to look for successful people.

A proof is proof that success is available for me. Because there’s just no reason why that person can be successful and I can’t. You might say life circumstances where they grew up, yada, yada, whatever. Sure. But at the end of the day, we’re all just doing the best we can with what we have. And so for me, it was just a shift of yeah, that’s available for me. Because if Jayne is so wildly successful, that gives me hope that I can also be wildly successful. So like I said, that mindset shift. Or again, if it really is that detrimental that it is literally hurting your progress, stop doing it.

Jayne Havens: Yeah, I think that that point is so beautiful, and it shows that you’ve done a lot of mindset work, right?

Ryann Dowdy: Yeah.

Jayne Havens: I think it takes a lot of practice and a lot of work on yourself to get to a point where you can say, wow, that person is doing really well. And that means that it’s possible for me too. I mean, it’s a very true statement, but I think most people don’t look at the world that way. And really, we need to train our brains to believe that to be true. And it is true. But we have to get to a point where we truly own that for ourselves.

You said it just now in a way that you actually really do believe that. I know you do, and I do too. I think it shows that it’s worth it to put in the work. I stress mindset work inside of Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. We actually teach it in the curriculum. I believe that in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to have your brain in a healthy space. It takes work, and it takes practice. It’s like going to the gym and strengthening your biceps. You have to strengthen your mindset.

Ryann Dowdy: Your brain is a muscle.

Jayne Havens: It’s like a muscle, yes.

Ryann Dowdy: 100%. Your brain is a muscle. And the thing too, I don’t know about you. But if you would have told me a year ago you have to train your brain, I’d be like, I don’t know what that means. Do you know how you train your brain? Through repetition.

Repetition is how you train your brain. Repeat. The only reason you have the thoughts that you have is because you have thought them so many times that your reptilian brain is now feeding them to you as a habit loop. So that’s just how you train your brain, just like you learn how to golf. Golfers become good golfers because they go to the driving range, and they hit 4 billion golf balls every day. Right? You train your brain like you train your brain to hit a golf ball. You’re just training your brain to be more confident, to be more self-assured or whatever. Pick your poison. What do you want? But you can train your brain in either way.

Like I said, that’s what I mentioned, the negativity biases. We are automatically wired for negativity. I don’t have the stats for this. But it’s something along the lines of like before the age of 18, we’ve heard the word no 150,000 times. Right? So we are wired for no. Again, there’s nothing wrong with you. It is just the world around us, the school system, all the different things.

Again, we have to tell our children no. We have to to keep them safe, right? But what that teaches them is a negativity bias. That is why simple things, like my sister taught me this long time ago. We don’t tell kids at the pool don’t run. We tell them walking feet. It’s those little shifts.

Same thing for you. I’m not good enough just as like I’m getting more experience. I don’t know as much as Jayne. Instead, it’s I’m learning every day. It’s just those small tweaks. Just like you guys make with the families you serve, it’s the small tweaks that we have to make to our brain. And just keep teaching our brain over and over again to have a more positive bias. Again, like I said, it’s just through repetition. The thoughts that we repeatedly think are what comes out in our world.

Jayne Havens: Yeah, I love it. I love the way your brain thinks. Tell us a little bit about what your business looks like today. Because it’s evolved. I’ve known you since, I think, 2018 or 2019. You’ve been through a lot of different iterations of what coaching looks like for you. Tell us what’s going on in your business now, who you’re serving, and how you can help them?

Ryann Dowdy: Yeah, so I run a sales and marketing consulting company called The Connection Agency. We have a sales training program that is mindset-based, a mindset-based sales training curriculum. Then we also do done-for-you marketing services for our clients. So things like building landing pages, and sales pages, and funnels and email marketing, audience building, relationship building is really my jam. So we teach and we do done-for-you work for our clients. And so we have education products for everybody, from the new entrepreneur up to the seven-figure earner. It’s really who we serve.

As far as is there a style or an industry that we serve, for me, my thing is just impact-driven. I just really, I love helping people who have a heart for what they do grow. And so what that means to me is, I don’t want to work with a software company that all they’re trying to do is build software and make a billion dollar exit. That just does not set my soul on fire. That’s not my jam. Our ideal client is somebody who really wants to make a big impact in the world, and just sales and marketing is not a skill set that they’ve ever had to learn before. And so they either want to learn it or outsource it. That’s what we do.

Jayne Havens: I love it. Where can everybody learn more from you? I know you have a podcast, so share that. I’ve been listening, and I love it.

Ryann Dowdy: Thank you.

Jayne Havens: Any other sort of easy resources that you can share with our audience?

Ryann Dowdy: Yeah, so the podcast is called Content and Conversations. It’s all sales and marketing-based. I throw the mindset stuff in there for you, too. Then Facebook is where I spend most of my time. So I’m just Ryann Dowdy on Facebook.

We’re actually building some new free resources, so I will give you those. I’ve actually had recorded a self-talk for sales audio that you can listen to, kind of as background noise to retrain your brain to think more positively. It’s not built yet, but I’ll give you the link when we do. So that’s a really great one. We send out really cool resources to our email list, also templates and ideas that’s run by my marketing team. You really only hear from me once a week, but my team is incredible. But we’ll make sure that you guys have that link if you would like to check out any of those resources.

Jayne Havens: Perfect. Ryann, thank you so much for taking the time to educate and inspire my community today. And I just always love connecting with you.

Ryann Dowdy: You, too. Thank you so much, Jayne.

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If you would like to learn more about how you can become a certified sleep consultant, head over to my Facebook Group, Becoming a Sleep Consultant or to my website thecpsm.com. Thanks so much, and I hope you will tune in for the next episode.

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