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How To Make Money While On Maternity Leave

How To Make Money While On Maternity Leave


You’re stepping into motherhood, and it’s thrilling! But, let’s face it, maternity leave can tighten your budget. Don’t worry, though. This post is packed with practical ways to boost your income while you’re home with your new baby. 

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Ways to Make Money on Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is a prime opportunity to capitalize on your existing skills. Consider freelancing in areas you excel in, such as writing, graphic design, or digital marketing. Look for online marketplaces that connect freelancers with short-term projects. This allows you to work flexibly, on projects that interest you, right from the comfort of your home.

Are you expecting? You’re already well-equipped to build a trusted connection with little ones and their parents, making you an excellent candidate for becoming a pediatric sleep consultant. Many new parents want to hire individuals who are nurturing and understanding of their parental needs. Information, community, and training can be found at CPSM. Explore these opportunities at our CPSM course page.

You might also explore the possibility of selling handmade or personalized items. If you have a knack for crafts, art, or any other creative endeavor, consider setting up an online shop to sell your products. This can be an enjoyable way to generate income while also doing something you love. From homemade crafts and jewelry to personalized gifts and decor, your unique creations can attract buyers looking for something special.

Moreover, think about offering online classes or workshops if you have a teachable skill. This could be anything from yoga and fitness to cooking and art. Setting up virtual sessions can attract individuals interested in learning new skills, especially other parents who are also spending more time at home.

Finally, blogging about your experiences or expertise can also be monetized. Start a blog that caters to other new parents or focuses on a niche you are passionate about. With consistent content and effective SEO strategies, you can attract a sizable audience and explore monetization options like advertising, sponsored posts, or affiliate marketing.

Government Assistance During Maternity Leave

If you’re in the U.S., understanding the government assistance available during maternity leave can greatly ease your financial concerns. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year and requires that their group health benefits be maintained during the leave. For more detailed information and to check your eligibility, visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s FMLA page.

For financial support, you might be eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). TANF can help cover living expenses such as food, housing, and essential services during your maternity leave. Each state has its own TANF program with distinct eligibility criteria and benefits. 

In addition to TANF, the U.S. government offers the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). This program provides nutritional assistance, health care referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women. WIC is an invaluable resource for ensuring you and your baby have access to nutritious food during this critical time.

For those needing more direct assistance, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services offers various programs that can help. These include access to affordable childcare and even grants for parents looking to further their education or start a home-based business after maternity leave. For a comprehensive list of available support services, explore the resources offered on the HHS’s support for family page.

Navigating these resources effectively can provide substantial relief during your maternity leave, ensuring you can focus on your new child without undue financial stress.

Maternity Leave Grants

While on maternity leave, you may qualify for various grants designed to support new mothers. These grants can help cover the costs associated with caring for a newborn and compensate for lost wages due to reduced work hours.

One key resource to explore is grants for educational advancement or career training. These can be particularly useful if you’re planning to enhance your skills during maternity leave. Educational grants are often available through local community colleges, vocational schools, and online education platforms. Additionally, many professional associations offer grants or scholarships specifically tailored to their members who are new parents.

Additionally, some nonprofits and foundations offer specific grants for parents on maternity leave. These grants might support everything from medical expenses to essential baby supplies. Searching for local family support organizations can uncover these opportunities. Websites dedicated to family welfare and maternal health often list available grants and application tips.

For those in specific professions, such as teaching or healthcare, industry-specific grants might be available. These grants recognize the dual role of professional and parent and aim to provide financial support during maternity leave. They are often funded by professional societies or charitable arms of corporations.

Parental Leave FAQs

Understanding the broader context of parental leave policies in the U.S. can also be beneficial. For a comprehensive look at paid parental leave across the states, refer to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research study, which provides detailed insights and statistics (Paid Parental Leave in the United States PDF).

Furthermore, federal employees looking to understand their specific rights and benefits regarding maternity leave can find detailed information in the FAQs about Paid Parental Leave from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website (Paid Parental Leave FAQs).

Exploring these grants and resources can significantly alleviate financial pressures during maternity leave, allowing you to focus more on your newborn and less on financial stress.

Cash in Hand Work on Maternity Leave

Looking for quick cash solutions while on maternity leave? Here’s The Ultimate Guide to the top 10 ways you can earn money flexibly and easily. Each option includes actionable steps to get you started right away:

Pet Sitting

  • Sign up on community forums or apps dedicated to pet care services, such as local pet owner groups.
  • Start by offering your services to friends and family to build trust and gain referrals. Consider setting competitive rates to attract your first clients.

Baby Sitting

  • Join local parent groups on social media and offer your services. Create flyers to post at local community centers.
  • Get certified in child first aid to increase your appeal to parents. Certifications can be completed online and often at a low cost.

House Sitting

  • Register with reputable house-sitting websites. Make sure your profile is detailed, including any past experience and personal references.
  • Create a trustworthy profile mentioning your availability and any relevant experience. Be prepared to manage small tasks like mail collection and plant watering.

Event Planning

  • Start by planning small events for friends or community groups. This can include birthdays, baby showers, or even small weddings.
  • Create a portfolio to showcase your work and get testimonials to attract more clients. Use social media to share successful events and gather interest.

Selling Crafts at Local Fairs

  • Begin by creating a small inventory of your crafts. Focus on items that can be produced efficiently and have broad appeal.
  • Research local fairs and markets where you can rent a booth to sell your items. Be sure to consider the costs and potential foot traffic.

Freelance Writing

  • Set up a profile on freelance websites offering writing services. Highlight any specialized topics you’re familiar with, such as parenting or health.
  • Start a blog to showcase your writing and attract private clients. Blogs can also generate passive income through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Virtual Assistance

  • Offer your services on freelancing platforms. List specific tasks you are good at, like scheduling appointments or managing emails.
  • Highlight skills like email management, scheduling, and customer service. Consider offering package deals for regular clients to build a steady client base.

Tutoring Online

  • Choose a subject you are knowledgeable in and sign up as a tutor on educational platforms. This could be academic subjects, music lessons, or even fitness.
  • Promote your services through social media to reach more potential clients. Consider offering the first session at a discounted rate to attract students.

Selling Baked Goods

  • Start by offering your baked goods to local cafes or at community events. Use natural, high-quality ingredients to make your products stand out.
  • Use social media to showcase your products and take custom orders. Building a local following can lead to a consistent stream of orders.


  • Offer portrait sessions for families or new parents. These sessions can be done in clients’ homes or local parks.
  • Create a portfolio online to display your work and attract local clients. Offer packages for different budgets to accommodate a wide range of clients.

By implementing these strategies, you can better manage your finances during maternity leave. This proactive approach will help you focus more on your baby and less on financial concerns, making your maternity leave a more enjoyable and less stressful experience.

Income While on Maternity Leave

Yes, you can earn money while on maternity leave in the United States, but it’s important to be aware that some employers may have restrictions on what you can do during this time. Always check your employment contract or speak with your employer’s human resources department to confirm what is allowed. Here are some flexible and practical ways to maintain an income stream during maternity leave:

Investing in Low-Risk Bonds or Dividend Stocks

  • Consider allocating a portion of your savings into low-risk bonds or dividend-paying stocks. These types of investments can offer you a steady return without the need for daily management, making them ideal for busy new moms.
  • Start by using online brokerage platforms that are beginner-friendly. These platforms often provide educational tools and resources to help you understand the market and make informed investment decisions.

Renting Out a Property or a Room

  • If you own a spare room or a secondary property, think about renting it out on a short-term rental platform. This could provide a steady source of income with flexibility regarding rental periods.
  • Prepare your space by ensuring it meets safety and comfort standards and check local regulations regarding short-term rentals. Good presentation and accurate listings can significantly increase your booking rates.

Participating in Paid Online Surveys and Studies

  • Sign up with reputable survey sites that compensate you for your opinions. These sites can offer a flexible way to make money by filling out surveys during your downtime.
  • Set a routine, perhaps during your baby’s nap times, to complete these surveys. This can be a relaxing activity that contributes to your income without leaving your home.

Creating and Selling Digital Products

  • Utilize your expertise to create digital products such as eBooks, online courses, or printable materials. This can include guides on motherhood, cooking recipes, or fitness routines for postpartum recovery.
  • Market your products through your social media channels or a simple website. Digital products require effort upfront but can provide a passive income stream thereafter.

Freelance Content Creation or Graphic Design

  • If you have a knack for writing or graphic design, freelance opportunities can be a lucrative way to earn from home. Many businesses seek content creators to enhance their online presence.
  • Create a portfolio to showcase your work and use freelance platforms to connect with potential clients. Tailor your services to fit into short, manageable projects that don’t require long hours of continuous work.

Affiliate Marketing

  • If you run a blog or a social media page, affiliate marketing can be a powerful tool to generate income. Promote products or services you trust and use personally to your audience.
  • Choose affiliate programs that align with your audience’s interests and values. This increases the likelihood of conversions and earning commissions.

These ideas not only help you to generate an income during maternity leave but also keep you engaged and professionally active. They can be adjusted to fit the amount of time and energy you have available, ensuring you don’t miss out on precious moments with your newborn.

How Can I Make Money While Pregnant and Unemployed

Being pregnant and unemployed might seem challenging, but there are numerous ways to generate income from home. Here are some actionable strategies that you can start today to secure financial stability:

Networking and Freelance Gig Platforms

  • Leverage your professional network by reaching out to former colleagues, friends, and industry contacts. Let them know you’re available for freelance or part-time work.
  • Sign up for freelance gig platforms where you can offer your skills in writing, graphic design, digital marketing, or consulting. Create a compelling profile that highlights your expertise and reliability.

Starting a Small Home-Based Business

  • Consider turning a hobby or passion into a business. This could be anything from crafting unique home decor to offering online fitness classes.
  • Set up a simple online store or use social media to market your products or services. Engage with your audience regularly to build trust and establish a customer base.

Skills and Resources Needed to Get Started

  • Identify the skills you have that can be monetized, such as teaching, crafting, or coding. Consider taking online courses to refine these skills or learn new ones related to your business idea.
  • Gather the necessary resources to start. This might include basic business supplies, a website, or software tools for online services.

These methods are not only effective for generating income but also provide the flexibility to work according to your own schedule, which is crucial during pregnancy. By taking proactive steps to establish a source of income, you can alleviate financial worries and focus more on your health and preparing for your new baby.

Worried About Money During Maternity Leave

Feeling financial pressure during maternity leave is quite common, but with some strategic planning, you can manage your finances effectively to minimize stress and ensure stability. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate financial concerns during this pivotal time:

Effective Budgeting Strategies for Maternity Leave

  • Start by creating a detailed budget that accounts for your reduced income during maternity leave. Prioritize essential expenses like rent, utilities, and baby essentials, and find areas where non-essential spending can be reduced.
  • Utilize budgeting apps or spreadsheets to track your expenses and income meticulously. This ongoing monitoring can help you make necessary adjustments quickly and keep your finances under control.

Seeking Financial Advice from Professionals

  • Consulting a financial advisor can be invaluable during this time. They can provide personalized advice tailored to your specific financial situation, helping you make the most of your maternity leave financially.
  • Seek out advisors who specialize in family finances or maternity leave planning. They are well-versed in strategies like saving on baby expenses, maximizing any maternity benefits, and planning for future expenses.

Utilizing Community Resources and Support Groups

  • Explore resources offered by your community that support expectant and new mothers. These may include free financial planning workshops, access to maternity grants, or baby essentials at reduced costs.
  • Participate in local or online support groups for mothers. These groups not only offer emotional support but can also be a treasure trove of practical advice, sharing cost-saving tips and recommending budget-friendly resources.

Additional Financial Tips

  • Review and adjust your health insurance to ensure it covers all potential needs during and after your pregnancy, potentially saving you significant amounts out-of-pocket.
  • Consider setting up an emergency fund if you haven’t already, which can provide a financial buffer and reduce stress during unforeseen situations.

By implementing these strategies, you can better manage your finances during maternity leave. This proactive approach will help you focus more on your baby and less on financial concerns, making your maternity leave a more enjoyable and less stressful experience.


As we wrap up this comprehensive guide on making money during maternity leave, remember that planning is key to managing your finances during this special time. By exploring the diverse income opportunities and financial support options discussed, you can find ways to alleviate financial pressures and focus on what truly matters—caring for your new baby.

Encourage yourself to try multiple avenues for generating income that we’ve explored today. Whether it’s freelancing, investing, or starting a small home-based business, each option offers flexibility and potential financial benefits that can be tailored to your new lifestyle as a mother.

Don’t hesitate to seek personalized advice to navigate any financial uncertainties. Professionals specializing in family finances can offer valuable insights that cater specifically to your needs during maternity leave.

Above all, embrace this beautiful phase of life with confidence. Know that you are making informed choices that support both your family’s emotional well-being and financial health. With the right planning and resources, you can truly enjoy this precious time with your baby, free from undue financial worries.

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People Also Ask

Can You Still Earn Money While On Maternity Leave?

Yes, you can still earn money while on maternity leave through freelancing, remote work, or starting a home-based business.

How To Make Money While On Maternity Leave From Home

Consider remote jobs, freelancing, or creating and selling digital products from home.

What Jobs Can I Do On Maternity Leave?

You can do freelance writing, virtual assistance, online tutoring, or craft selling on maternity leave.

How To Make Extra Money While Pregnant?

Start a freelance gig, sell handmade goods online, or participate in paid online surveys.

How Much Money Do I Need On Maternity Leave?

The amount varies; plan for essential expenses and a buffer for unexpected costs.

How To Get More Money While On Maternity Leave?

Explore government assistance, apply for grants, or start a side business from home.

What If I’m Pregnant And Have No Money?

Look into government benefits, community resources, or start a low-cost home-based business.

How Can Pregnant Women Make Money?

Pregnant women can make money by freelancing, selling products online, or offering consulting services.

What Is The Best Job To Have While Pregnant?

The best job is flexible, non-stressful, and can be done from home, like freelance writing or virtual assistance.

How Can Moms Make Extra Money?

Moms can make extra money by blogging, creating online courses, or providing freelance services.

How Can I Work Comfortably While Pregnant?

Choose a job with flexible hours and minimal physical demands, and set up a comfortable workspace.

How To Survive Work When Pregnant?

Stay hydrated, take frequent breaks, and adjust your work environment for comfort.

How Can A Stay-At-Home Mom Make $2,000 A Month?

Consider offering specialized freelance services, managing an online shop, or teaching virtual classes.

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