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Marketing a Mom-Owned Business: Top 5 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Ways to Market Your New Mom-Owned Business

You’ve done all the research, taken the courses and now you’re finally ready to get your name out there and start getting clients. But how do you create awareness about your business? How do you find time to do sales and marketing in the craziness of everyday life? I know from personal experience that it can feel like a juggling act when you are marketing a mom-owned business.

I know it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, I’d love to help you by sharing my top tips for marketing your mom-owned business online. Just remember, you have the perfect solution for so many people who are just waiting to meet you and see what you have to offer. You just have to reach them first.

Marketing a Mom-Owned Business

The good news is that there are options available (many of them free!) that you can use to promote your products and services. Here are the top five ideas that will help you with marketing.

Create your elevator pitch

The elevator pitch got its name from the average length of an elevator ride: no more than 20 to 30 seconds. It is a brief, persuasive speech that is used to spark curiosity about your product or services and encourage your potential customer to schedule a second conversation. This pitch can also be written out, which is a great tool to have as you’re networking online.

When you’re a mom and a business owner, you are likely working in small pockets of time throughout the day. That’s why I always have my pitch ready to go on my phone. Have a blurb ready to be copied and pasted and include a way to contact you. This could be through your website, email, or a link to schedule a call with you.

This article on Hubspot will help you craft your elevator pitch step-by-step. Remember: the purpose of an elevator pitch is not to close the sale right away, but rather to leave your prospect wanting more.

Build your presence online

Contrary to popular belief, if you’re just getting started, you don’t absolutely need a website. It’s great if you have one. However, if you are finding that you would rather jump right in, it’s totally okay to start without one and build it as you go.

You can use your already-existing Facebook personal profile to start showcasing what it is that you do. I know this might mean posting fewer kiddo photos. However, don’t underestimate your audience’s interest in your business.

Use a free tool like Canva to create a banner for your page, utilize the “about me” area to mention your business, and create a Facebook Business page and link to it in your bio. Don’t be afraid to start sharing about what you do with your own community first. Post updates about your business on your personal page.

A quick way to give people basic information about your business without creating a full website (or while you’re in the process of creating one) is to use a tool like the Milkshake App. This tool will help you create a website on your phone in a few minutes.

I’d also suggest setting up a link where people can contact you to book a consultation. Calendly is a great, free service that allows people to book a time by seamlessly syncing with their calendars. It also has the capability to integrate with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. By using these tools little by little, you’ll have built up your online presence way before your website is even finished!

Join Facebook groups and give value

Facebook groups are a great tool to position yourself as an expert in your field, give value, and connect with other moms and business owners. It is also a great tool to help promote your offerings. As you scroll through your Facebook feed, you’ll likely see a lot of promotions and offerings of similar products and services.

What makes you want to buy from one business over another? For me, it’s when I feel a connection to the person offering the service. This is why I frequent groups, answer questions and give advice. However, I don’t skip out on the days when the opportunity comes up to promote my services as well.

When I see someone asking for help with one of the services I offer, I have my elevator pitch ready to copy and paste, encouraging them to follow up with me. When someone recommends me, I make sure to thank them, respond with my elevator pitch, and encourage the original poster to follow up by booking a free consultation call with me.

Collaborate with other business owners

A great way to get yourself in front of a brand new audience is by offering your expertise to another non-competing business. A few ways to do this are to have the other business owner interview you. You can also apply to be a guest on a podcast. As your business grows, you’ll be able to promote other small business owners to your audience as well.

Offer your product or service in exchange for a testimonial

When you’re first starting out, offering your product or service in exchange for a testimonial to someone who could really use what you have to offer is not a bad idea. However, they must agree to follow through.

Ensure that the expectations are clear on both sides as to what is expected from the agreement. As you start signing on paying customers, include an opportunity to provide feedback as a part of the off-boarding process. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals from happy customers.

Marketing a Mom-Owned Business Start with a Community

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your new online business. As long as you’re consistent and love what you do, I have no doubt that you’ll do well.

When starting a new business, one of the most important things I look for is a supportive community. Therefore, I built one right into the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. So many new business owners go it alone. However, there’s no need to, especially when there are so many resources available to help you get started successfully.

When students sign up to become certified sleep consultants through my training program, they take the course at their own pace while receiving one-on-one mentorship from me. Once they complete the course and receive their certification, the learning does not stop there. One of my favorite parts of this business is seeing my students become successful. I love teaching course graduates about marketing their mom-owned business on and offline, and I’m always available to answer questions and help guide you through the process.

Find out more about the course by visiting the website or schedule a consultation call with me to learn more about becoming a certified sleep consultant.

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