The core services of a doula are critically important, whether it is providing support during labor or in
the postpartum period. Many doulas offer these core services and find that work fulfilling, lucrative, and
choose not to expand their offerings, but it is also common for doulas to package multiple specialized
services together. If you’re a postpartum doula who is ready to expand and add to your portfolio, it can
be overwhelming to decide where to start. Below are X popular services that you can add to your
business, providing easy access to support for your clients and more opportunities for yourself.

Belly Binding

Much of the work of a postpartum doula focuses on caring for mothers as their bodies heal from the
process of birth and return to normal after pregnancy. Belly binding is growing in popularity as a way to
support this process. It involves using a material, usually a cloth, to tightly wrap the abdomen with the
intention of supporting the organs, back, and uterus. Women who use belly binding often say they
experience instant relief as well as easier postpartum healing.

Preparing the cloth and bringing it to a standing postpartum visit is usually all that’s needed to provide
belly binding. Most doulas will teach the mother or partner to apply the wrap so that they can do it as
needed. A range of online courses exist to teach various methods of applying the wrap.

Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding support is already a huge component of postpartum doula support, but not all doulas are
certified as lactation consultants. By certifying with the International Board of Lactation Consultants
(IBCLC), these services can be backed by additional training and considered a separate offering in cases
where extra support is needed.

Family Photography

As a postpartum doula, clients are already welcoming you into their home and letting you experience
intimate moments with you. This connection can be the difference between generic photography and
family photos that are personal and cherished. Learning basic photography skills can give you the
experience to offer in-home newborn or family photo shoots, and even candid shots of things like
nursing, to your clients.

Certified Sleep Consultant

In the early days of postpartum care, you may act as a night nurse of sorts, comforting baby while the
parents sleep and teaching them soothing techniques for the nights to come. When the time comes that
the parents are ready to explore sleep training and need additional support, not only will they
remember the care you provided during this time, but they also will have trust in you and your
knowledge of their baby. This is the perfect basis to offer sleep consulting services.

When you become a Certified Sleep Consultant through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management, you
will have all the tools you need to stay connected to your postpartum clients and continue offering
services. Many of our doula graduates even include sleep consulting in their initial packages to ensure
they will maintain that connection!

To learn more about being a sleep consultant and how it can fit in with your current offerings, visit our
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