Many of the people who are interested in becoming a sleep consultant come to us with the
same concern: how will it fit into my life? One of the great things about the Center for Pediatric
Sleep Management is that our program is designed for anybody. Whether you work a 9 to 5 job,
are a stay at home mother, or run a successful doula business, sleep consulting can fit into your
life. Our classes are self-paced and once your business is running, you can decide your own

To show you it can be done, below is an outline of a typical day in the life of a busy sleep

7:00 AM

Wake up for the day and take some time for yourself. Shower or have a cup of coffee before
the kids get up, if possible. We all check our phones first thing in the morning, so take this
opportunity to do a quick scan of your social media, making a mental note of any follow up

7:30 AM – 8:30 AM

Time to get the kids to school! Between getting them fed, dressed, and on the road, this isn’t a
time when much work gets done for most parents. This time could be dedicated to anything,
including a doula business or other household tasks.

9:00 AM

First things first, follow up on any inquiries, leads, or questions that have come in to your inbox.
If you are in an active consulting cycle, make sure that those parents; needs are taken care of
early in the day and check in if you haven’t heard from them.

11:00 AM

Set aside time for discovery calls to speak with interested parents. It’s good practice to not set
these up back to back so that you can take good notes and send follow up information right

12:00 PM

Once you grab lunch, sit down to scroll on your phone for a bit. After you check a few personal
pages, time to look at your social media. Respond to anything on your pages and focus on new
networking opportunities. Be sure to post something new each day, whether it’s a good review
or a question to get conversation going.

2:00 PM

Go over sleep plans with a new client. About 30 minutes should be a good amount of time to
discuss what they should expect in the coming days, answer any questions, and plan when you
will speak next. Clients should always leave these calls feeling empowered and ready for

3:30 PM

Pick the kids up from school and head to soccer practice. If you’re lucky, you can get to some
more emails and social media from the stands!

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

This is family time. Have dinner, do baths and bedtime, and make sure you are refilling your
own cup. If you can stay off your phone, do it!

8:00 PM

One last discovery call with a parent who needed to talk later in the day! After that, input your

9:00 PM

Create any sleep plans you haven’t finished and be sure you have everything you need for any
client calls the next day. Before you shut your phone off for the night, see if any excited texts
have come in from clients who are succeeding!

One of the great things about being a certified sleep consultant is that this schedule doesn’t
have to look anything like yours does. The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management has had
clients be successful no matter what their lives looked like before. What’s important is that you
find a routine that works for you!

If you have questions about how sleep consulting may fit into your life, join our Facebook group
to talk to successful consultants about their schedule.