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Jayne Havens is a certified sleep consultant and the founder of Snooze Fest by Jayne Havens and Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. As a leader in the industry, Jayne advocates for healthy sleep hygiene for children of all ages. Jayne launched her comprehensive sleep consultant certification course so she could train and mentor others to work in this emerging industry.

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Do I Need Certification to be a Sleep Consultant?

Do I Need Certification to be a Sleep Consultant?

When it comes to sleep consulting, you may be overwhelmed by what seems like endless certification options. It can be hard to understand the right path to take and whether a certification is even necessary at all. However, the importance of a sleep consultant certification is what you should consider.

If you’re a doula looking to add sleep consulting to your services, or someone new to the field, you want to make sure you are delivering the best possible services to your clients. The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management offers a unique certification program that gives parents extra assurance.

The Importance of a Sleep Consultant Certification

Review what makes a certification important for sleep consultants. In addition, learn how certification works.

How Sleep Consultants Are Certified

There is no single set of regulations or governing body that oversees the certification of sleep consultants. Instead, each program is able to set its own goals, rules, and curriculum in order to reach the status of “certified.”

You can think of this as being similar to the process of becoming a doula. You don’t technically need a certification at all. However, if you choose to get one, you can pick from a wide range of organizations and programs. This gives you the freedom to choose the certification that aligns with your values the most.

Some people are initially concerned about the lack of universal guidelines around sleep consulting. However, the reason for this isn’t a lack of oversight. However, it is that sleep consulting doesn’t require that oversight. There is nothing dangerous, controversial, or medical in nature about sleep consulting. Instead, you are simply teaching parents how to teach their baby a new skill. This is where the importance of sleep consultant certifications comes in. You can achieve this new knowledge in a variety of ways that are equally valid, depending on your skill set and your target market.

Sleep Consulting Programs

While no certification or training is required, being able to say you are a certified sleep consultant often makes parents more at ease with your services. Going through a program like the one offered by CPSM means that you have an education in the services you provide alongside your real-world experiences helping other parents and babies.

In addition to the initial training associated with certification, a program like CPSM includes elements of continuing education. Additionally, CPSM allows access to networking that you may not have otherwise. As new studies come out, these are often shared through your course’s community. This can also be used to share stories, tips, and lessons learned with fellow sleep consultants.

Certification Through CPSM

Once you’ve decided that being certified is the right path for you, there can be an overwhelming number of options for programs. The most important element of choosing a program is making sure that it aligns with your values and the type of support you want to provide to parents.

The Certified Center for Pediatric Sleep Management offers a self-paced virtual lesson plan that also includes one-on-one mentorship. In addition, students receive access to an active community of sleep consultants. The curriculum is based on the benefits of independent sleep, the science of sleep in children, and safe sleep guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The comprehensive course will prepare you to support parents as they guide their children towards independent sleep, as well as how to launch and grow your business.

At the end of the course, you will be a certified CPSM sleep consultant. This accomplishment demonstrates your commitment to parents and children and your readiness to guide them toward independent sleep.

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