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Jayne Havens is a certified sleep consultant and the founder of Snooze Fest by Jayne Havens and Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. As a leader in the industry, Jayne advocates for healthy sleep hygiene for children of all ages. Jayne launched her comprehensive sleep consultant certification course so she could train and mentor others to work in this emerging industry.

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The Dream Job!

Whether you’re looking for your new dream job or your ideal side hustle, you’re in the right place. Having a sleep consultant job is truly amazing. There are countless reasons why sleep consulting is the dream career you never knew about. 

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Be Your Own CEO

As a sleep consultant, you’ll need to do more than just become certified. Once you have all of the knowledge, it’s time to make everything official and be able to operate a business legally. You’re starting from the ground up so you decide every aspect. From the name, the type of business (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.), to your office, your working hours, and beyond, it’s all up to you. As you grow, you won’t just be looking for baby sleep consultant jobs, you’ll be choosing whether or not to outsource certain aspects of your business or build a team. From the moment you become a sleep coach, you are your own boss and you make the decisions. 

This may seem scary and overwhelming at first, but we cover business basics in the CPSM Sleep Consultant Certification Course. Even if you don’t have any experience or knowledge in running your own business, you’ll soon have all of the tools you need to get started and be successful. This is considered to be the best sleep consultant certification for the money on the market.

Work From Anywhere in the World When You Become A Sleep Consultant

Since most of your work and communication with clients can be done through email, text, or calls, you can work from anywhere you desire. This doesn’t mean you have to work on vacation, but you could if you needed to. Being able to travel when and where you like is so unique to having an online business. You can travel while still working as long as you have internet access.

Aside from the ability to freely travel, you can work anywhere in your home. If you want to take work outside for the day, go get some sunshine. You can head to a coffee shop for a few hours, work from the couch, or even send emails from the dog park. Whatever your ideal office space looks like, it’s all up to you when you become a sleep coach. 

Always Have Approved Time Off

Now that you are your own CEO, you do not have to ask permission to take time off. You don’t have to worry about who else is on vacation at the same time or being away from the office too long. Since you can work from anywhere, you can freely take vacations that are as long as you want them to be. 

Have you ever felt the pressure to go to work when you’re sick? Another great aspect of owning your own business is your sick time is always approved. Although it’s never fun being sick, when you work for yourself there’s no guilt involved when you can’t work due to illness. You can choose to work in bed or take the day off completely. As a sleep coach you can still support your clients while at home sick. 

Unlimited Earning Potential When You Become A Sleep Consultant

Sleep consulting and owning your own business can have huge rewards emotionally, physically and financially. Once certified, pediatric sleep consultant jobs will come your way, because you will network and build your brand name. When you become a sleep coach, you get to set your prices. You get to decide what you’re comfortable charging for your services and that can (and should) change over time. The more clients you have, the more you can earn

The number of clients you take on is also up to you. What do you want your schedule to look like? Do you want a packed, full-time schedule or just a few hours per day? This can even change from month to month or whenever you want to pull back or increase your income. 

If you would like to learn about becoming a certified sleep consultant, join our Facebook group and visit our blog.

People also ask:

How do you become a sleep consultant?

To become a sleep consultant, you typically need to complete a specialized training program in sleep science and sleep consulting. Additionally, obtaining sleep consultant certification from a recognized sleep consulting organization can enhance your credibility and expertise in the field.

Do sleep consultants make money?

Yes, sleep consultants can make money by offering their expertise to individuals or organizations seeking guidance on improving sleep quality and solving sleep-related problems. Their income varies based on factors like experience, client base, and location. Have a look at our article all about certified sleep consultant salary.

How to start a sleep coach business?

Starting a sleep coach business involves several key steps: firstly, obtain the necessary education and certifications in sleep science and coaching to establish credibility. Then, develop a business plan that includes your target market, services offered, pricing structure, and marketing strategy to attract and retain clients.

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