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Jayne Havens is a certified sleep consultant and the founder of Snooze Fest by Jayne Havens and Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. As a leader in the industry, Jayne advocates for healthy sleep hygiene for children of all ages. Jayne launched her comprehensive sleep consultant certification course so she could train and mentor others to work in this emerging industry.

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Best Jobs for New Moms: Alternatives for Breastfeeding Women

Mother breastfeeding her baby while working on a laptop- Best jobs for new moms

Being a new mom comes with its own set of challenges and worries. Maybe you constantly worry about if you are doing things the right way or if your baby is growing appropriately. In addition to all the second-guessing, there is also the pressure to keep up with new financial challenges. If you are a mom who needs to make money but you aren’t sure how to do so with a baby at home, then finding the best jobs for new moms specifically will be your answer.

Not every job available will be lenient towards your breastfeeding schedule or if you need to tend to your baby. Therefore, many moms look for work-from-home opportunities. The problem with that is not all work-from-home jobs allow you to work on a flexible schedule, which causes new moms to stress about whether they will need to care for their baby while on a call or having to meet deadlines.

Fortunately, Center for Pediatric Sleep Management (CPSM) has found the perfect job for you. If you are done stressing about money and wanting to find a job that will allow you to still breastfeed and take care of your baby, then keep reading for the best-kept secret to the best jobs for new moms.

The Best Jobs for New Moms

The best jobs for breastfeeding moms include flexible schedules, a high rate of earning, and less stress. The best jobs for new moms include becoming a pediatric sleep consultant. A sleep consultant is passionate about helping others and wants to find solutions to challenges like sleep deprivation. The primary role of a sleep consultant is to assist other families in establishing healthy sleep habits with their infants so that everyone can get the quality sleep they need.

As a new mom, you might be wondering if you can become a sleep consultant even if your own child isn’t sleeping through the night yet. The answer to that is YES. When you become a sleep consultant, you are essentially becoming your own first client. Practice what you have learned in the sleep certification course with your own children so that you have first-hand experience that you can share with your own paying clients.

How much do sleep consultants make?

The beauty of sleep consulting is that there is no glass ceiling in terms of how much money you can make. It’s really up to you. Sleep consultants are in charge of the rates they require for their services. That being said, graduates from the certification program with CPSM earn $1,500 to $4,000 per month working part-time or $5,000 to $10,000 per month working full-time.

How much do sleep consultants work?

The choice is up to each sleep consultant individually based on how much they want to work. Not only do you get to dictate your income, but you also get to dictate your schedule. This is the perfect job for breastfeeding moms. No more having to worry about if your boss will allow you to pump or if you are struggling with having to quit breastfeeding because of your job. Now, you are in control of what happens with your breastfeeding journey, your income, and your schedule.

What are the qualifications to become a sleep consultant?

The first qualification is to become a certified consultant through Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. In addition, other qualifications include having great communication skills (written and oral), patience, and a friendly attitude.

Become a Sleep Consultant

If you are ready to improve your life with breastfeeding mom jobs, then the following steps will guide you to become a sleep consultant. This is the best job for new moms.

1. Discover Your Financial Needs

Determine how much money you need or want to make each month. This will help you determine how many clients you will need to accept and what your schedule needs to be like in order to meet your goal. Keep in mind that whatever your monthly income goal is, sleep consulting can help turn that dream into a reality.

2. Become a Certified Sleep Consultant with CPSM

Enroll in the CPSM sleep consultant certification course to begin your career. Trying to become a sleep consultant using a DIY method won’t provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to help your clients and build a sustainable business.

With Center for Pediatric Sleep Management, our comprehensive course teaches you safe sleep practices, milestone development, and how to effectively communicate with families. In addition, CPSM provides business development lessons to help you build your business from the ground up. There is no other sleep consultant course available out there that offers what CPSM provides for the affordable price and flexibility to complete the course on your own time.

3. Prepare

After completing certification, it’s time to prepare for accepting clients. This means you need to practice your new skill with family and friends. Ask them to support your new business by being test clients for you. The more practice you have, the more confidence you will gain.

4. Network with Others

Join social media groups, partner with other businesses, and expand your network to help you drum up business. Making relationships with others is a great way to expand your reach quickly instead of working harder to get yourself known. Your business success is important; let others help you reach success more quickly.

5. Advertise Your Services

Advertise your services by creating a website, establishing business pages on social media, handing out brochures and business cards, and more. Anywhere you can advertise your business is the perfect opportunity.

6. Collect Testimonials

After each client you serve, ask for a testimonial of your services. Testimonials can help potential clients decide to work with you based on the word of the clients you have served. Post the testimonials on your sites and social media pages, and print them on your brochures. Let your testimonials bring in business for you.

7. Stay Consistent

It’s easy to get excited about starting one of the best jobs for new moms. You may feel driven at first. It’s possible you might lose steam after a while. However, it’s important to stay consistent in your business. Continue to make connections, advertise your business, and make your business known. In time, all of the parts that you put in place will begin to work for you without you having to put in much effort in finding clients.

In addition, you can also increase your sleep consulting income by creating passive income streams that continuously add to your bank account without you having to work more.

Questions Other New Moms Are Asking

New moms are understandably hesitant about finances. Take a look at what other moms are asking in reference to the best jobs for new moms.

Can I work and still breastfeed?

Yes, you can. As a sleep consultant, you can work a schedule that fits your baby’s feeding schedule. If your baby gets fussy unexpectedly, you can tend to him or her right there on the spot. Your role as a mom and a sleep consultant can happen together.

What job can I do with a breastfed baby?

Sleep consulting is a job you can do with a breastfeeding baby. You will be conversing and working with other parents of young children. They will likely understand if you get interrupted during a call or if you need to have your baby near you while you work.

Will a job let me breastfeed my baby?

Not all jobs in the corporate world will allow you to leave in order to breastfeed your baby. If you find a job at a preschool or daycare, there is a chance you might be able to breastfeed your baby at work. However, that will be contingent upon someone being able to relieve you while you step out to feed.

Cut the worry out of your life and start sleep consulting. No one will be able to stop you from breastfeeding when it’s time to feed your baby.

Breastfeeding Mom Jobs are Available for New Moms

If you are interested in exploring sleep consulting as one of the best jobs for new moms, come join our free Facebook group. Inside the group, you will get access to a community and training opportunities that will teach you how you can be successful in this business. In addition, get access to a library of guest experts who join live on our podcast and share how they started a sleep consulting business, some of them having started as stay-at-home moms who are now making more money than they thought possible.

Your first job is to be a mom. If a job isn’t suiting your family’s needs, then it’s time to become a sleep consultant so that you can be there for your family. Breastfeeding mom jobs aren’t easy to find in the corporate world. Take matters into your own hands and start your own business.

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