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Becoming a Sleep Consultant Podcast with Jayne Havens

On this podcast you'll hear about the business side of sleep consulting. This is not a podcast about sleep training. This is a podcast about business building and entrepreneurship.

Get an insider’s view on launching, growing, and scaling a sleep consulting business.

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Amy is a wife, mama to four children and former special education teacher. She graduated from CPSM in June of 2023 and recently opened her business, Rhythms of Rest. After each of her pregnancies, Amy struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety and realized how much sleep affected her mental health. Amy’s family moved to Amsterdam in 2017 and raised their boys there for 3.5 years. She experienced her 4th pregnancy abroad and saw a totally different way of life for pregnant and postpartum mothers…one that normalized support and prioritized rest for the entire family. Amy’s own experience with postpartum depression and anxiety as well as her time abroad ignited her passion to help moms create rhythms and routines so that their families can thrive.

On this episode of the Becoming a Sleep Consultant Podcast, Amy shares:
– That she was able to land several clients and get a complete return on her investment in her first month in business
– How she uses Facebook to connect with her ideal audience
– Her goals for the coming months and years to come!

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