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Jayne Havens is a certified sleep consultant and the founder of Snooze Fest by Jayne Havens and Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. As a leader in the industry, Jayne advocates for healthy sleep hygiene for children of all ages. Jayne launched her comprehensive sleep consultant certification course so she could train and mentor others to work in this emerging industry.

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Benefits of a Sleep Consultant Certification (#4 Will Surprise You!)

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When you graduated from high school or college, there was that sense of confidence that came when you held that diploma in your hand. Your hard work paid off and you felt a feeling of accomplishment. There was nothing that could take away the joy of having accomplished such a worthwhile milestone. This is the same feeling you can have when you complete a sleep consultant certification course.

The benefits of a sleep consultant certification are not to be missed. Many students have gone on to say that this certification specifically has changed their life in several ways. Not only do you walk away with an official certification of having completed a sleep consulting course, but you also walk away with a chance to improve your life from your income to your self-esteem, and new possibilities.

If you are looking for ways to improve the life you are leading now, whether it be for time freedom, financial stability, or just to break up the predictability of life, a sleep consultant certification is exactly what you need. Learn about the many benefits of a sleep consultant certification. There may be some on this list that will surprise you.

What is a Sleep Consultant?

A sleep consultant is someone who is dedicated to helping families get quality sleep. Whether a family is having sleep challenges with their infant, toddler, or elementary-age child, a pediatric sleep consultant is someone who can help them all get the sleep they need.

With a sleep consultant certification program like the one available through Center for Pediatric Sleep Management (CPSM), you will be able to help families through one of the most challenging parts of parenting. A sleep consultant is an expert in safe sleep practices, listening to a family’s needs, and developing a plan to get their little one on track to develop healthy sleep habits.

What qualities should a sleep consultant have?

One of the top qualities of sleep consultants includes having patience. You will be working with families that are exhausted and desperate for a miracle. It will be your job to listen to their needs, understand their boundaries as far as what strategies they are not open to trying, and create a safe environment where their baby can thrive.

In addition, parents appreciate sleep consultants that are friendly, gentle, and responsive when they have questions or need reassurance. If you are someone who has great communication skills, then you will do well in this program.

Is there a demand for sleep consultants?

There is a high demand for sleep consultants. Consider how many babies are born each day worldwide and that will give you an understanding of how many parents will struggle with sleep deprivation in their young children. Many busy parents are willing to pay for professional help to get them back on a regular sleep schedule.

6 Sleep Consultant Certification Benefits

There are many benefits of a sleep consultant certification. The following are the top benefits many sleep consultants experience when they become certified.

1. Attract More Clients

When you have a certification from a well-known and respected institution like CPSM, clients are more willing to partner with you. This certification shows clients that you have the knowledge and education needed to help them with their sleep challenges. It also shows them that you are dedicated and committed to helping others.

Showing off the certification badge on your website, social media platforms, and other marketing materials gives you a headstart in the pediatric sleep industry. This certification tells clients they can trust you when they invest in your services.

2. Increase Your Confidence

One of the best sleep consultant certification benefits is the confidence boost that comes with it. Not only will you be certified to start a new career, but you have also completed a course that can change your life and the life of your clients. That is more than reason enough to celebrate and be proud.

Showcasing that certification shows you that you can complete anything you set your mind to. It also helps decrease some of the hesitations you might have had about starting this new career. A boost in confidence makes you feel unstoppable.

3. Make Your Own Hours

Becoming a sleep consultant means you get to create your own hours and dictate when you want to work. This can also include deciding when you want to take vacations or just take time away to recharge. It is a perk of having this certification on your list of accomplishments.

The CPSM sleep consultant certification course teaches you how to build a business from step one all the way to sustainability. This includes learning how to run your business so that it continues to be a source of income for you. With that, you can schedule your days, weeks, and months around what is important to you instead of trying to make life fit into a traditional work model where your work hours dictate the way you live your life.

4. Beat Corporate Salaries

Maybe one of the most surprising sleep consultant certification benefits is that having this certification can potentially get you an income that beats corporate salaries. A part-time sleep consultant has the earning potential of $1,500 to $4,000 per month. A full-time sleep consultant has an earning potential between $5,000 and $10,000 monthly.

Trying to find a corporate job that pays this well is nearly impossible. Many corporate salaries don’t pay enough. This means you have to take on a second job (and maybe a third) just to make ends meet. Certifying as a sleep consultant gives you the chance to make a living wage and put money toward your savings account.

5. Work with People Worldwide

Sleep consultants have the luxury of choosing who they want to work with. If you want to work with people from different countries, you can do that with this certification. You are not tied to only working with clients in your immediate surroundings. Instead, CPSM teaches you how to offer virtual sleep consulting services so that you can fulfill your goals of working worldwide.

Unlike other programs, you are not limited to only being able to offer services within a specific boundary. The CPSM certification is recognized internationally.

6. Validation of Industry Standards

Above all, clients will appreciate that you have a certification because it shows them you are up-to-date on industry standards. This validation could be the one thing that separates you from non-certified sleep consultants. Clients will choose to partner with you and your business will grow because of it.

In addition, CPSM prides itself on being different from other certification programs due to its unique approach to teaching students multiple sleep training strategies. Other programs offer a biased strategy and force parents to fit within that mold. The validation that you get as a certified sleep consultant who graduated from CPSM will open more doors to more clients, more opportunities, and more money.

How to Get Clients as a Certified Sleep Consultant

The number one question people ask when they consider a sleep consulting career is how they will find clients. Take a look at some of the ways certified sleep consultants find clients.

Facebook Groups

There are various mom and parenting groups on Facebook that are full of potential clients for your sleep consulting business. When you reach out to those individuals who say they need help with getting their baby to sleep, showing them your certification from CPSM will increase the chance of them working with you.

Vendor Events

Vendor events are great opportunities to network with your community and gain exposure for your business. Print out marketing materials with your certification on them and pass them out to people in attendance. Offer some free guidebooks or quick tips worksheets to really hook them in.

Social Media Platforms

Social media can be a great tool for marketing your business. Find out which platforms your clients are using. Then, create an account to establish your authority as an expert. This is just one of the many sleep consultant certification benefits.

Partnering with Pediatricians

Pediatricians see families every day that struggle with sleep. Partner with some in your area and offer to leave business cards that they can pass out to patients that come in. Some patients might not know sleep consultants exist. This is a perfect opportunity to expose your business.

Sleep Consultant Certification Benefits Are Life Changing

A certification from Center for Pediatric Sleep Management can be a life-changing certification. You can have the income that you want (and deserve) in addition to living the life you envision for yourself. Don’t let corporate jobs and other businesses put a limit on your quality of life.If you are interested in becoming a sleep consultant so that you can take advantage of the benefits of a sleep consultant certification, come join our free Facebook group. Inside the group, you will get access to conversations and training opportunities that teach what it takes to become a certified sleep consultant. Additionally, you can get information from the experts who join live on our podcast. Learn all the ins and outs of the business and how your certification will benefit you.

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