A sleep consultant may sound to some people like an extravagance- and while it’s certainly a luxury, you
may be surprised to learn how many people across all demographics have reached out to one. Former
students of the Center for Pediatric Sleep management have been able to serve every type of parent,
using the tools they learn in our courses. But like any business, finding your target market can be one of
the most important and difficult pieces of creating your plan. If you’re thinking about becoming a sleep
consultant, it’s worth considering who you want to work with.

Deciding Who to Serve

In general, any parent can benefit from working with a sleep consultant. The one group of people who is
not likely to reach out is parents who are adamantly against the concept of sleep training- this may be
because their child is already sleeping well, or they may have an understanding of the process that
makes them feel it’s not right for them. Outside of these cases, you can really expect to see every type
of parent on your leads list.

For some people, working with a wide scope of parents is ideal. Others may choose to narrow is down
based on other criteria. One example may be choosing to work only with newborns or with toddlers and
older children; another may be to focus on twins and multiples. The same principles taught by the CPSM
apply across these groups, with you experience allowing you to change course as needed.

Non-Judgmental Approach

CPSM teaches you how to be a sleep consultant to everyone, including a viewpoint that is accessible to
all parents without judgement. This is why our students have been able to serve clients you may not
expect. A common misconception is that parents who bed-share can’t use sleep consultants, when in
fact many of us work with parents trying to move children to their own crib or bed often.

This extends to the methods used when creating a sleep plan. Some parents come in ready to use
extinction, while others want to start with very gentle techniques. Sleep consultants don’t tell either
group they are wrong, but work within these guidelines to create a program that works for the whole

Use Your Network

Because a lot of your marketing will rely on connections you have, it’s common for sleep consultants to
attract clients that are similar in some way. Many CPSM students are also doulas, and therefore have
access to a clientele who aligns with their values as a doula. This may translate to parents more likely to
use gentle techniques or keep babies in their room, for example, making them a good fit as the value
alignment already exists.

Many people just don’t know sleep consultants exist, which can be why they haven’t hired one. The
more you are able to spread the word and educate people about what you do, the more the market can

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