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#1 Best Side Hustle for Nurses: The Answer May Surprise You

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Nurses are looked up to as having all the answers to many people’s health problems. It doesn’t matter what kind of nurse you are, whether you’re a pediatric nurse, a labor and delivery nurse, or an ER nurse, it won’t stop family and friends from asking you about the weird mole on their back. There is a common thought process that nurses make “big bucks” because they know everything. However, the truth is there are many nurses out there looking specifically for a side hustle for nurses.

According to Glassdoor, nurses make a healthy salary. It is estimated that the average annual salary of a nurse in the United States is over $123,000. However, this salary will fluctuate based on experience and place of employment. Therefore, some nurses need a boost in their income in order to be financially stable.

That is where a side hustle for nurses can make a difference. Some nurses need the opportunity to create a stable secondary source of income. If you are looking for the best side hustle for nurses, the answer below will surprise you.

The Best Side Hustle for Nurses

There are many side hustles for nurses. However, many of them require having to drive to another location or they don’t pay well. There is one side hustle that checks all the boxes of the best side hustle for nurses and that is becoming a sleep consultant.

A sleep consultant is an expert who helps families establish healthy sleep habits. Some families need assistance with teaching their infants how to fall asleep independently. Other families need assistance getting their toddlers to sleep in their own beds.

Each family served by a sleep consultant comes with their own set of challenges, family values, and mindset. A sleep consultant helps these families build a sleep plan that takes all of that into consideration to create harmony in the home and more Zzz.

How to Begin the Best Side Hustle for Nurses

To start the best side hustle for nurses by becoming a sleep consultant, follow the steps below. You will see just how quickly you can get your side hustle up and running.

Become Certified

The best affordable sleep certification course can be found at Center for Pediatric Sleep Management (CPSM). This course has been proven to help new sleep consultants find their way in the sleep consulting industry, help doulas expand their services, and even help teachers make an additional income.

With CPSM, students are given immediate access to the course upon purchase. The course can be completed at your own pace and is available for you to review for life. The course materials include learning about child development, milestones, and safe sleep practices.

In addition to the comprehensive curriculum, students get access to a private community of support. Some sleep consultants who graduate from CPSM make $1,500 – $5,000 per month working part-time. This sounds like a promising income for those who are seeking a side hustle for nurses.

Use Test Clients

Upon receiving your sleep consultant certification from CPSM, it’s time to use test clients to help you gain experience in your new side hustle. Reach out to family and friends to see if they are willing to support your side hustle venture. You might even know some patients who visit your workplace who could use your sleep consulting services.

Using a few test clients at the beginning of your side hustle journey can help boost your confidence in offering this service to paying clients. In addition, test clients can provide valuable feedback that you can implement right away to serve future paying clients.

Start Marketing Your Side Hustle

Don’t forget to actually market your side hustle. Let your network know about this exciting opportunity so that they can support you. In addition, potential clients need to know about your services. Therefore, posting on social media, creating business pages, or designing a website can be helpful in gaining more eyes on your services.

Marketing also includes networking with others who have access to similar clients. For example, you can partner with local pediatrician offices to see if you can leave brochures or business cards at their offices to promote your business to those parents. Look for similar (not competing) businesses that you can partner with to grow your network and boost your marketing.

Request Reviews

Reviews are often the final piece of the puzzle potential clients use to make a decision whether or not to work with you. As the best side hustle for nurses, being a sleep consultant means your direct customer service skills and sleep knowledge will be evaluated by all who want to partner with you.

Ask clients that you have served for a review of their experience working with you. Then, share those reviews on your social media pages and your website so that potential clients can review how great you are.


In the beginning, you may choose to focus on sleep consulting as a side hustle. Once you have completed services with some clients, you may find it is time to scale your business. This is the time to re-evaluate parts of your side hustle like if you are ready to increase your rates and open your schedule to accept more clients.

Sleep consultants have the opportunity to grow their side hustle into a full business in a short period of time. Scaling means setting more goals and creating plans to attain those goals.

The Best Side Hustle for Nurses: Benefits

There are many benefits when you choose the best side hustle for nurses. Discover a few of them below.


Sleep consulting offers the flexibility many nurses need. You get to control your own schedule and work when it fits into your nursing schedule and family life.

In addition, you can work from wherever you want. This could include the breakroom at the hospital where you are working or in your office when you are off the clock. You don’t have to worry about driving to another location to clock in for another shift. Sleep consulting is the perfect side hustle for nurses.

Control Your Income

Controlling your own income is one of the top benefits of becoming a sleep consultant. You get to control the rates and packages you choose to offer your clients. Therefore, you can how much money you want to make with each client and you can choose how many clients you want to accept at one time. All of this together will help you determine what kind of income you can earn on a consistent basis.

A Business that is Yours

Being able to have a business that is all yours is one of the best accomplishments. An added benefit of having your own business is the tax write-offs that you can take advantage of during tax season. In addition, you can run your sleep consulting business the way you see fit. You will be your own boss. Therefore, you get to make your own rules.

Change Lives

As a nurse, you are likely familiar with the impact that your skills and knowledge have on the patients that you serve each day. As a sleep consultant, you have the opportunity to change the lives of the families you serve. Very few people realize how much sleep deprivation can impact entire families. You have the opportunity to change their lives for the better by helping them get the sleep they need.

The Best Side Hustle for Nurses Starts with CPSM

Center for Pediatric Sleep Management is the best option when it comes to starting a side hustle for nurses. There is no second-guessing in your business when you follow the curriculum set forth by CPSM. As a nurse who is busy and constantly on the go, this course is the perfect fit to take at your own pace and complete when it is most convenient for you.

If you are interested in exploring the best side hustle for nurses, then it’s time to dig into the sleep consultant certification with CPSM. Come join our free Facebook group to learn more. Inside the group, you will get access to a community and training opportunities showing you exactly how Center for Pediatric Sleep Management can help you reach your financial and personal goals.

In addition, you will gain access to a library of guest experts who join live on our podcast and share how they have built their side hustle through sleep consulting. Some experts share how sleep consulting has helped them grow even when they were already committed to other careers. Sleep consulting is a great side hustle for many professions.

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